We are Fuse

Fuse all fusiliersFuse is a unique practice of architects and interior designers working from studios in Manchester and Leeds.

Here you can find details of the unique blend of architecture and interiors that Fuse is able to offer, the values behind Fuse, its founders, and the many successful projects that have been completed under their leadership.  After only three and a half years, Fuse has established a genuinely international reputation for stunning design and efficient delivery and has grown into a precociously talented team of 28 Fusiliers (many of whom are called David).

You can also follow the Fuse Blog, in which we provide updates, insights and occasional light-hearted annecdotes about our current work, our activities and our travels.  We hope that our clients, consultant colleagues, design students and those who may want to join our talented team will subscribe to the RSS Feed so that they are kept fully up to date with the latest developments at Fuse (simply hit the orange RSS button in the sidebar on any page or post).  You can also add comments to the project pages and blog posts so we hope you will give us your feedback.

Finally, you can also join the many hundreds who already follow Fuse on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by hitting the appropriate button in the sidebar.  The Fuse Facebook page is the place to go for lighter side of life at Fuse though we occasionally talk about our work there too.


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